Postgraduate studies

The Kirby Institute has a long and proud history of postgraduate students. In 2011, six people completed their doctoral theses and graduated with their PhDs. In 2012, we have 50 doctoral candidates, several of whom have already submitted their theses; 11 Masters students; and two Honours students. In addition, Kirby Institute academics supervise another 15 postgraduate students who are not at the Kirby Institute. From time to time, we also take Independent Learning Project students.

Students can be found in almost every one of the Kirby's eleven programs. From laboratory, vaccine and immunology work with Professor Tony Kelleher in the Immunovirology and Pathogenesis Program to mathematical modelling and surveillance work with Professor David Wilson in the Surveillance and Evaluation Program; from behavioural work in the HIV Epidemiology and Prevention Program and the Viral Hepatitis Epidemiology and Prevention Program, to STI management programs in Aboriginal communities with Professor Basil Donovan in the Sexual Health Program, there is a postgraduate opportunity to suit almost every candidate.

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