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Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Anouschka Akerman

Bachelor of Science, First Class Honours (2014), UNSW

PhD in cancer therapeutics and stromal cell metabolism (2019), UNSW

+61-2-9348 0687

School of Medical Science (SoMS) Award for Safety Culture (MEDRIOS Team) (2020)

Nomination for UNSW Dean’s Award for Outstanding PhD Theses (2019)

Translational Cancer Research Network, PhD Scholarship Top-up Award (2018 – 2019)

European Pancreas Club Jubilee Meeting Travel Scholarship (2018)

Postgraduate Research Student Support Scheme (2018)

Prince of Wales Clinical School Travel Award (2018)

Campion-Ma-Playoust Memorial Award (Best Oral Presentation) Australian Society for Medical Research National Scientific Conference (2017)

Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) Scholarship (2015 – 2018)

Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF) grant (2023)

This grant was awarded to the Kirby Institute LEAF team to establish a soft plastics recycling stream within the PC2 laboratory.

The focus of Nush's PhD (2015-2019) was understanding the metabolic changes that occur in pancreatic tumour cells and tumour-associated stromal cells, as these changes represent vulnerabilities that can be therapeutically targeted. Her PhD focused specifically on inhibiting various nutrient transporters, that are over-expressed in both cell types, using pharmacological inhibitors or gene therapy (nanoparticles coupled with siRNA). 

In 2021, Nush joined the Viral Pathogenesis and Vector Lab (VPVL) within the Immunovirology and Pathogenesis Program (IVPP) where she is involved in:

  • Collaborative testing of sera samples from convalescent or vaccinated donors
  • Screening of new antiviral SARS-CoV-2 drugs
  • Investigating SARS-CoV-2 viral tropism
  • Establishing platforms for testing Mpox