Congratulations to our newest PhD graduates

News | Published on 05 Dec 2019

The Kirby Institute congratulates Dr Sahar Bajis, Dr Ian Down and Dr Angie Pinto on the PhD graduations this week.

The three Kirby Institute alumnus received their PhDs at the UNSW Medicine graduation ceremony held on Tuesday 3 December 2019 in the John Clancy Auditorium.

Sahar Bajis’ thesis was entitled “Enhancing the care cascade for hepatitis C infection in marginalised populations”. Her supervisors were Scientia Professor Gregory Dore and Professor Jason Grebely from our Viral Hepatitis Clinical Research Program, and Professor Lisa Maher from the Viral Hepatitis Epidemiology and Prevention Program.

Ian Down’s thesis was entitled “Experiences of HIV among newly diagnosed men in Australia: Gay community relationships and connections”. His supervisors were Associate Professor Garrett Prestage from our HIV Epidemiology and Prevention Program, and Dr Jeanne Ellard from AFAO, and an Adjunct at the Australian Research Centre in Sex Health and Society, La Trobe University. For a while Kathy Triffit (formerly at Positive Life NSW and an adjunct with us) was also a co-supervisor, but she had to drop off a couple of years ago.

Angie Pinto’s thesis was entitled “Aspects of primary HIV infection in New South Wales”. Her supervisors were Kirby Institute director Professor Anthony Kelleher, also head of the Immunovirology and Pathogenesis Program, Associate Professor Kathy Petoumenos from our Biostatistics and Databases Program, and the late Scientia Professor David Cooper.

The Kirby Institute is proud to attract such talented higher degree research students, and we congratulate our most recent graduates.