International Women's Day – Dismantling barriers for a gender equal future

Event date
Tuesday 7th March 2023
Event time
1:00 PM
Event address
Online event


Good health and education are crucial to combat inequity.

But women continue to face barriers in accessing these rights due to systemic inequity and a range of social determinants.

This International Women’s Day, the Kirby Institute invites you to join with a diverse group of women thought leaders who will draw on their professional and personal experiences of dismantling barriers to health and education.

Globally, women face gender-based violence, are underrepresented in leadership positions and have fewer economic rights than men. International Women’s Day is an opportunity for people of all genders to commit to addressing gender-based discrimination and strive for gender equity.


Professor Janaki Amin  

Professor Janaki Amin
Professor, Department of Health Sciences, Macquarie University

Janaki Amin is the head of Department of Health Systems and Populations, a course director for the Master of Public Health and a Visiting Professorial Fellow at Kirby Institute. She is an infectious diseases epidemiologist, working across clinical trials, cohort studies and the analysis of routinely collected population data. She has a particular interest in public health impact in priority populations.

Dr Adrienne Lee Withall  

Dr Adrienne Lee Withall
Researcher, School of Psychology, UNSW Sydney

Adrienne Lee Withall is a combined track ageing and mental health specialist in the School of Psychology. Her research focuses on promoting cognitive health for marginalised and under-served populations, such as older justice-involved people. She leads a sub-stream on Ageing at the Margins at the UNSW Ageing Futures Institute where a key focus of her research is equity and digital innovation in cognitive assessment.

Twitter: @DrAdrienneW

Ms Sally Kinrade  

Ms Sally Kinrade
Vice President, Medicines Development for Global Health

Sally Kinrade is Vice President and Project Leader at Medicines Development for Global Health, a unique non-profit biopharmaceutical company developing medicines for underserved populations. Sally has a strong background in clinical trials operations and medical affairs over more than 30 years. She is currently focussed on the challenge of enabling access to a new treatment for onchocerciasis and lymphatic filariasis.

Associate Professor Angela Kelly-Hanku  

Associate Professor Angela Kelly-Hanku
Senior Principal Research Fellow & Head, Sexual & Reproductive Health, Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research and Associate Professor, Global Health Program, Kirby Institute

Angela Kelly-Hanku has a background in social science and public health, and has been a long-term collaborator with the Kirby Institute. Prior to joining the Kirby Institute, Angela spent 10 years with UNSW first at the former National Centre in HIV Social Research followed by the School of Public Health and Community Medicine. As well as her role at the Kirby Institute, Angela is the Head of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Unit at Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research, based full-time in Goroka, PNG.

Twitter: @HankuKelly


Dr Tanya Applegate  

Dr Tanya Applegate
Senior Lecturer, Surveillance and Evaluation Research Program, Kirby Institute

Tanya Applegate is a Senior Lecturer within Surveillance Evaluation and Research Program at the Kirby Institute, UNSW Sydney, a Scientific Manager of the RAPID (Research for Asia Pacific Infectious Disease) Diagnostics Centre and a Co-Director of an ARC Industry Transformation Research Hub to combat antimicrobial resistance. She has worked and studied as laboratory research scientist for over 20 years, including within regulatory, hospital, private industry and academic environments. Tanya's PhD specialised in the development of novel molecular diagnostics and her implementation research aims to provide equitable access to health care by improving linkage to care for people who are marginalised or living in remote or resource limited settings.



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