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Project Manager

Ms Erin Ogilvie

BA, MPH: Global Health, George Mason University, VA, USA

+61 (2) 9385 0871
Vaccher S; Amin J; Guy R; Jin F; Selvey C; Zablotska-Manos I; Holden J; Price K; Yeung B; Levitt G; Ogilvie E; McNulty A; Smith D; Cooper D; Grulich A, 2018, 'Baseline preferences for daily and non-daily PrEP dosing in EPIC-NSW', in Australasian HIV and AIDS Conference Handbook, Sydney, Australia, presented at Australasian HIV and AIDS Conference, Sydney, Australia, 26 September 2018,

Broad Research Interest Areas:

Public health, global health, sexual and reproductive health, HIV, STIs, marginalised populations, health promotion.