Dr Karthik Venkatesh
PhD Student

Dr Karthik Venkatesh

BMed, MD (Dist)


2016 - Prince of Wales Clinical School Brian Yeo Prize for best clinical teacher (JMO)

2015 - Prince of Wales Clinical School Max Thorpe Prize 

2015 - Prince of Wales Clinical School Graham McDonald Prize for Medicine

2013 - St Vincent's Hospital ILP/Honours Grand Rounds - First Prize for best oral presentation

Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship

Journal Articles

White H, Venkatesh K, Venkatesh B. Systematic Review of the Use of Ketones in the Management of Acute and Chronic Neurological Disorders. (2017) J Neurology and Neuroscience. Volume 8 Issue 2.

Venkatesh K, Nair P, Hoechter D, Buscher H. (2016). Current limitations of the assessment of haemostasis in adult extracorporeal membrane oxygenation patients and the role of point-of-care testing. Anaesthesia and Intensive Care. Volume 44 Issue 6. Pages 669-680.

Nair P, Hoechter DJ, Buscher H, Venkatesh K, Whittam S, Joseph J, Jansz P. (2015) Prospective Observational Study of Hemostatic Alterations During Adult Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) Using Point-of-Care Thromboelastometry and Platelet Aggregometry. Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia, Volume 29 Issue 2. Pages 288-296.

Semark A, Venkatesh K, McWhinny BC, Pretorius C, Roberts J, Cohen J, Venkatesh B. (2013) The compatibility of a low concentration of hydrocortisone sodium succinate with selected drugs during a simulated Y-site administration. Critical Care and Resuscitation, Volume 15 Issue 1. Pages 63-66.


Published Abstracts

Robinson K, Krishnan A, Venkatesh K et al. (2017) The temporal profile of adiponectin in healthy human subjects: a comparison with additional inflammatory and endocrine markers. Clinical Endocrinology. Vol 86 (Published abstract from Endocrine Society of Australia ASM 2016)


Conference Presentations

2017: Short Paper Presentation, Annual Scientific Meeting, College of Intensive Care Medicine Sydney

White H, Venkatesh K, Venkatesh B: A systematic review of the role of induced ketosis in patients with neurological and neurosurgical disorders

2016: 21st National Prevocational Medical Education Forum

Spies M, Krasovitsky M, Fraser R, Carr F, Metz G, Venkatesh K, Bosco A: A JMO-initiated Clinical Examination and teaching program at Prince of Wales Hospital

2014: Fast Forward Research Presentations, The Garvan Institute

Venkatesh K, Hoechter D, Buscher H, Nair P: Point of care coagulation testing in adult ECMO patients: a prospective observational study