Group of women from Papua New Guinea PNG, sitting in front of building, village reporters working on informing and recruiting community. Credit: Andrew Vallely

Global Health Equity and Justice Research Group

The Global Health Equity and Justice Research Group is a group committed to decolonising global health while building a social public health system for a just and equitable response to public health challenges. We are an interdisciplinary group grounded in principles of community engagement, equitable partnerships, and improved access to health care for vulnerable and key populations globally, with particular emphasis on the Pacific and Asia. 

A defining feature of the group’s research is the critical examination of the interface between society, communities and health. The health issues we have expertise in include HIV, sexually transmitted infections, human papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical cancer, tuberculosis as well as broader sexual, reproductive and maternal health issues including pregnancy, family planning and gender-based violence. We also examine the efficacy, feasibility and acceptability of the application of novel diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, such as point-of-care platforms, for the prevention and treatment of adverse health outcomes. In order to improve access to health services we design, implement and evaluate novel health services such as community-led HIV testing among key populations and HPV screening.