Group of diverse, young people. Sexual health. Credit: Shutterstock

Sexual Health and Reproductive Equity Research Group

The Sexual Health and Reproductive Equity (SHARE) Research Group aims to strengthen responses to gender, social justice, and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Our group is committed, in particular, to improving the health of communities that have historically been disadvantaged and marginalised, through genuinely collaborative partnerships with those communities. Much of our research combines qualitative and epidemiological methods with theory from the social sciences to understand how social, structural, and relational factors influence sexual and reproductive health. Areas of interest include HIV and STIs, HPV and cervical cancer, sexual behaviour, reproductive experiences, sexual pleasure, gender differences in sexuality, young people and sex education, gendered violence, and reproductive coercion. Our work is guided by community-based research principles and reflects a deep commitment to health equity and human rights. We partner with government, service providers, and community organisations to undertake research and inform the development of policies and community action to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights for all.