Blue illustration of conceptual medical abstract, with cells structures and medical symbols. Credit: AdobeStock

Systematic Review and Data Synthesis Research Group

The Systematic Review and Data Synthesis Research Group conducts systematic reviews to answer focused clinical and public health questions, particularly in the field of infectious diseases. Systematic reviews, as the backbone of evidence-based practice, uses scientific and transparent methods to generate high-quality evidence from available research findings. Our work aims to use the existing data to generate new knowledge, and to inform clinical practice and health policy. Several of our studies, particularly those in the areas of hepatitis C and injecting drug use, have already been incorporated in related national and international clinical guidelines, public health guidelines and health policy documents.

We collaborate closely with national and international researchers, and consider that as an opportunity to improve the quality of our work. Our group also provides consultancy on methodology and data analysis of systematic reviews for students and academics at the Kirby Institute and externally.