Group of diverse LGBTQ crowd from behind, in front of a rainbow flag.

LGBTQ+ Population Health Research Group

The LGBTQ+ Population Health Research Group is situated within the HIV Epidemiology and Prevention Program at the Kirby Institute, Faculty of Medicine and Health, UNSW Sydney. This group conducts research that addresses the health and well-being of LGBTQ+ individuals and communities in Australia. Our interdisciplinary team focuses on new and emerging infectious diseases, sexual health, mental health, substance use, and health policy that affect LGBTQ+ communities.

Our research is guided by principles grounded in person-centred care, community engagement, and partnering closely with LGBTQ+ health organisations, healthcare providers, policymakers, and researchers. This collaborative approach enables us to drive substantial shifts in both policy and healthcare practices, thereby enhancing accessibility, quality, and equity of healthcare services for LGBTQ+ individuals in Australia.