Kirby staff members in BSP decision theatre

Biosecurity Program

The Biosecurity Program is focused on detection, prevention, mitigation and response to emerging infectious diseases, pandemics and bioterrorism. We conduct research on emerging infectious diseases, rapid epidemic surveillance, field response, epidemics, pandemics, bioterrorism, bio-intelligence, and health security in a changing biotechnology landscape. Areas of focus include influenza, COVID-19, pneumococcal disease, herpes zoster, Ebola, MERS CoV, smallpox and measles.

The transmission dynamics of respiratory aerosols is a focus of our aerobiology laboratory. We research the rapid detection and prevention of these threats through our AI-driven observatory EPIWATCH. Our research includes prevention by both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical means such as personal protective equipment (masks and N95s) and vaccines. The program engages widely with stakeholders from all disciplines involved in large scale epidemic response, such as health, field epidemiology, pharmaceutical industry, emergency management, defence, law enforcement and other first responders.

Program Team