Australia’s progress towards hepatitis C elimination – Annual Report 2019

Australia is aiming to eliminate hepatitis C as a public health threat by 2030. This elimination goal is in line with global targets set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and targets included in Australia’s National Hepatitis C Strategy 2018–2022.

Prepared by Burnet Institute and the Kirby Institute, this report brings together national data sources to assess Australia’s progress towards eliminating hepatitis C. Some data were not included due to unavailability at the time of reporting; future reports will provide the most comprehensive picture possible.

Key findings
  • Over 70 000 Australians have accessed DAAs, highly effective and curative hepatitis C treatments
  • The uptake of treatment has been accompanied by declines in new hepatitis C infections
  • There is declining hepatitis C incidence among people who inject drugs, HIV-positive gay and bisexual men and lower prevalence of infection among recent injectors suggesting early evidence of a treatment as prevention benefit
  • Hepatitis C notification linked data also indicates a decline in advanced liver disease complications and liver-related deaths.