Evaluation of ACON’s community-based a[TEST] HIV and STI testing services, 2015–2019

This report presents the findings of an evaluation of a[TEST], a community-based HIV/STI testing service targeted at gay and bisexual men in NSW. This evaluation aimed to assess the effectiveness of the service in reaching priority populations, determine the number of HIV notifications captured by the service, and assess client satisfaction of the service. The contribution of a[TEST] to HIV prevention in NSW was also assessed. This project was conducted in collaboration with ACON, Sydney Sexual Health Centre, Royal Prince Alfred Sexual Health, Kirketon Road Centre, and St Vincent’s Centre Hospital.

Key findings
  • From 2015–2019, there were an estimated 29,268 unique clients and 42,370 total visits to a[TEST] sites.
  • 57% of unique clients were born overseas, with about one-quarter of all unique clients born in Asia.
  • 10% of clients had never previously been tested for HIV, and an additional 14% had not received an HIV test in the last 12 months.
  • Although a[TEST] was estimated to account for just 1% of HIV tests in NSW between 2015–2019, it accounted for 13% of all new HIV diagnoses among men who have sex with men in NSW.
  • All respondents stated they would recommend the service to others and 98% were satisfied with a[TEST].