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Long-acting Injectable PrEP: A Scoping Review Report

This scoping review was conducted in April 2022 and summarises key published data on acceptability, willingness, preferences, and implementation for long-acting injectable (LAI) PrEP among populations at risk for HIV infection.

Key findings
  • Findings on interest and willingness to initiate or switch to long-acting injectable (LAI) PrEP were generally high among priority populations for HIV prevention. LAI PrEP was often listed as the preferred choice over other PrEP modalities.
  • Results from acceptability studies based on participants experiences in LAI PrEP clinical trials found that LAI PrEP was highly acceptable among users, but strategies to address injection site pain will be important.
  • There were notable gaps in research on perceptions and opinions from PrEP providers about LAI PrEP. Provider knowledge with local and international collaboration and engagement will be vital for successful roll out and implementation of LAI PrEP.
  • There were extensive learnings and insights explored within the report highlighting the vast amount of implementation considerations required to successfully roll out and scale up LAI PrEP.
  • Some of these include: introducing strategies to adopt flexible models of delivery and simplification of LAI PrEP administration; addressing complexities of drug resistance and the pharmacokinetic tail; prescribing and operational considerations for clinicians and clinics; and addressing systemic barriers for consumers.