NSW Rapid HIV Testing Evaluation Framework: Final Report

This report presents final results of a study that assessed the acceptability of rapid HIV testing, and impact on HIV testing frequency when offered in routine care to gay and bisexual men in New South Wales. The study also assessed the performance of the Trinity Uni-Gold HIV 1/2 Rapid HIV test compared to 4th generation laboratory immunoassays.

Key findings
  • In the rapid testing period, the mean number of HIV tests in 12 months was significantly higher (29%) among gay and bisexual men (GBM) who had a rapid test compared with GBM who did not have rapid tests (1.8 tests vs 1.4 tests).
  • Over three quarters of GBM said that they thought rapid testing would help them test more regularly, including 89% of men not recently tested for HIV.
  • Overall, the Trinity Uni Gold rapid HIV test accurately reflected the HIV status of 998 of every 1,000 patients (99.8%).
    • The test demonstrated very high specificity (99.9%), returning only seven false positives.
    • Test sensitivity was very high in established infections (98.2%) but lower in acute infections (56.8%).