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TraX mpox data report: Report period 10 Oct 2022 to 22 Oct 2023

This report summarises data collected as part of the TraX study from its launch on 10 October 2022 to 22 October 2023. Survey data were collected weekly on rates of mpox vaccine uptake, mpox infection, and sexual behaviours among people considered at high risk of mpox infection in Australia. Unless otherwise stated, data included in this report are from participants who provided at least one follow-up survey.

Key findings
  • During this reporting period, 2,883 people across Australia participated in the TraX study and provided at least one follow-up response.
  • Throughout the study, monthly rates of testing for mpox remained consistent at approximately 1.0%.
  • At study entry, 22.2% of participants reported being unvaccinated against mpox, 50.2% had received one vaccination, and 27.6% had received two mpox vaccinations.
  • As of 22 October 2023, the proportion of people who reported being unvaccinated against mpox had reduced by more than half to 9.2%, leaving 266 participants unvaccinated. The proportion who reported having received only one mpox vaccination also fell to 11.0% and the proportion who had received both mpox vaccinations increased to 79.7%.
  • At study entry, 12 participants reported prior mpox infection. No new mpox infections were reported throughout the study period.